Some don’t want our help???

Doesn’t everyone need help at some point in their life? It shouldn’t be that hard to find the help you need, right? If your car breaks down, you may need a tow truck, and a mechanic. You call them, they answer and wala you have help. Easy peasey, right? Hmmmm what if your need is a bit harder, with the car example we pay for help, so we get it. What if we can’t pay….? No help……
What if that need is more basic? Love, care, kindness, perhaps.
How do we find that? Is there a phone number? What’s the cost? Can we ask for it if we have no money?
What if you have never experienced any of those things? Isn’t that what our parents do? Love us, care for us, show us kindness? What if they didn’t? If the parent, who’s job it is to do those things can’t love, can’t care, can’t be kind, how then do these kids trust a stranger to care, to love, to be kind. Their own parents did not find them worthy enough, why would a stranger?
Why would they trust us not to hurt them as they have been hurt before?
The bravest, yet hardest thing to do for some of these kids is to believe they are worthy of help, of love, of care, of kindness.
Our job is to show them they are more than worthy!

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