It’s more than just hard, to do the hard stuff……

Oh why, oh why, oh why can’t they make good choices all the time?  We set up guidelines to help them succeed and then have to sit back and watch them make other choices.  We have to watch them fall, and struggle, and yes Fail.  All the while thinking. hoping, praying, and wanting more for them.  If only these kids/teens/young adults could be more like us; the adults of the world.  We have it so together, we are responsible, respectful, and have all the answers…….right???? Dang…..maybe not, well at least I don’t, do you?  This world we live in these days is HARD, more than HARD, it’s near impossible.  I have days every week that I just want to give in, give up and stop caring about the world around me.  Take the easy way, it’s called that for a reason ya know…’s easier.  Then I remember why I struggle, why I get up when I fall  and fail, (again and again).  You see there is this guy who never gave up on me EVER.  When I fall he patiently waits for me to get up, when I fail he loves me more so I’ll try again, when I struggle he’s my biggest fan.  He is a Father to all and loves all equally…….imagine that he loves me as much as he loves his own Son, how? I’m nothing like HIS SON,  seriously nothing, yet even if I question everything else in life that’s the one thing I never have to question; His Love.

If He can love someone like me, be patient with someone like me, and never give up on someone like me, then yes I know I can do the same with these teens he entrusts us with.  I can do the hard stuff, and so can they……….

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