I’m cold, and hungry…..

I was just sitting here whining to myself about how cold I was, and because I’m cold (because it’s below zero outside) I don’t want to have to spend the time out of my blanket cooking something to eat.  So I was sitting feeling quite irritated that the house is so cold, that the furnace is old and not working well these days, and that heaven forbid I would have to be cold for a little bit to cook something to eat.  Yes I really was sitting here feeling sorry for myself, really wishing someone would bring me some hot food and a heater.  Then reality hit, and hit hard, how spoiled am I sitting here on my couch, in my house, with a blanket and a fridge not far from me with food in it.  I again forget on a daily basis how much I have compared to many out there.  How many people and kids are out there right now without heat, a roof over their head, a blanket, or maybe something warm to eat. I am so very grateful for everything I have been blessed with (even my old furnace) and need to remember more often how blessed I truly am and how it is my/our jobs to reach out to others out there who are not so fortunate .

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