Get Help

It’s hard isn’t it? To ask for help, to trust that someone (maybe a complete stranger)  will care enough to hold out their hand when you need it the most, without strings attached.   It may be harder than trying to make it on your own out there.  We understand……….some of us here at T.H.U.G have been exactly where you are.

So we ask you to take a chance, maybe it’s just a ride you need, some clothes, a meal, maybe it’s a good nights sleep in a warm bed, or a home. Give us a chance to show you that there are people in this big world that do care, unconditionally.

We invite you to call, (651-246-1323) Email, ( or Facebook (

424 Church Hill Rd
Somerset, WI 54025

PH: 651-246-1323 Main number, ask for Sara