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Some don’t want our help???

Doesn’t everyone need help at some point in their life? It shouldn’t be that hard to find the help you need, right? If your car breaks down, you may need a tow truck, and a mechanic. You call them, they

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To Love our neighbors……..

It’s hard isn’t it? To simply love others as we should. What about their faults? Their differences? Seriously can we love someone who has different beliefs than us? Oh man, and seriously what if they sin differently? Maybe their sin

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I’m cold, and hungry…..

I was just sitting here whining to myself about how cold I was, and because I’m cold (because it’s below zero outside) I don’t want to have to spend the time out of my blanket cooking something to eat.  So

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It’s more than just hard, to do the hard stuff……

Oh why, oh why, oh why can’t they make good choices all the time?  We set up guidelines to help them succeed and then have to sit back and watch them make other choices.  We have to watch them fall,

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Here in America….

Jan 4th 2013  Had someone ask today “People in America have so much more than anyone else in the world, why wouldn’t you spend you time and money helping someone who needs it more?” This is my answer, have you

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Dec. 23rd 2012 “It’s the isolated, defeated kids, the kids in cities and towns without youth shelters, who make me worry – they don’t have any where to make a home or find a community of support. They’re the ones

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