Our History

I wanted to share a bit about how T.H.U.G Life began and why we are so passionate about helping teens in need out in the world around us……..While my oldest son was in high school we learned from the staff at the school that there were homeless kids in the school. I was shocked (homeless teens in cute little rural Osceola) and wanted to help but didn’t know how. We had always been blessed with many teens in our lives that we had the pleasure of helping in little ways, food, clothing, a place to hang out when struggling with life, more food (have you seen a teen boy eat?) and more. While working with our churches youth group I really had it laid on my heart that we NEED to start raising our teens up, letting them rise up and take the reins but I also saw that in our society our children and teens are held back, we may hear what they say and their ideas but we don’t listen and help them accomplish their dreams, we help them accomplish OUR dreams for them. It saddened me that the next generation is being raised without confidence in themselves. So I really spent a lot of time praying about what I could do. While on a trip with some of our youth group kids I got confirmation that helping teens was really where God was leading me. That is where T.H.U.G Life came from (another story for another day) After going on a mission trip to Romania this past summer and seeing the poverty, I came home with the realization that we do have that same poverty here, in the towns around us, sometimes in our own backyard. Families, teens, kids are without homes, food, clothing and we don’t see them, because being homeless is humiliating (I know, I’ve been there) it’s HUMBLING. God commands us to love our neighbors, and actions speak louder than words, so our actions at T.H.U.G life are about love, about loving our neighbors, our communities and helping to RAISE UP the leaders of the next generation to LOVE, BE KIND, GIVE OF THEMSELVES, and above all else know that GOD is over everything we do.

-Sara Rank, Executive Director


424 Church Hill Rd
Somerset, WI 54025

PH: 651-246-1323 Main number, ask for Sara
Email: thuglifesara@gmail.com