Leadership Team

Sara Rank – Executive Director: Sara has a heart full of love. When she sees a need, she tries to fill it. That is one thing that makes her special. When she found out about the issue of teens needing help, she didn’t just walk away. Immediately, her heart and head started trying to come up with solutions. She is the type of person who will step up, help, and encourage others to help.



Monica Nickele – Assistant Director :   It still amazes me how God brought such special people into the T.H.U.G family.  When we were organizing the board and praying about the members Monica was someone who was laid upon my heart instantly.  With a heart for others,  and a kindness not often seen these days, Monica is someone we all pray into our lives.  A devoted Mom, homeschool teacher, and angel to any animal in need, Monica blesses T.H.U.G with her gifts.


Penny Van Hale – Secretary/Treasurer:  Penny is full of loving acceptance. She is organized and full of smiles. She has a heart for people and is a friend to everyone.  When asked to join our team on the T.H.U.G board it was a hearty “YES” we received in response.  As the owner of her own business, and an accountant Penny brings many talents to our team.  Penny is the person who is able to understand our big dreams for T.H.U.G and somehow leads us in the right direction to get there.


Devon Rank – Board member:  With a unwavering loyalty to the underdogs of the world, and an easygoing nature, Devon has been an instrumental part of creating T.H.U.G.


Hannah Goodspeed – Board member:  What do get when you combine an unwavering love of God, a quiet strength that spreads to those around her, and a smile that lights the darkest room?  if your as blessed as us you get Miss Hannah.

424 Church Hill Rd
Somerset, WI 54025

PH: 651-246-1323 Main number, ask for Sara
Email: thuglifesara@gmail.com